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The world is spinnin’


Klaine Bingo : Band!fic

Title from the lyrics of the song “Rockstar” by A Great Big World

Klaine AU Meeting, Famous Kurt - Famous Blaine ?

It’s been a long time coming.

And if you ask Elliott, it’s about time.

About time One Three Hill - their little threesome of a pianist, a guitarist and a lead vocal, oldies cover, always dressed to the nine but with a punk detail - met the E-Woke - a duet of acoustic guitars and sometimes slight percussion, 1980s and Top 40 covers, dressed as superheroes and isn’t that just adorable.

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One thing that does make me wonder is how Ryan describe Klaine as having a saga in season 6? So I just wonder what that could be? Obviously, it won't all be roses, as there has to be some sort of drama, but I hope the writers can come up with something other than a break up. Warring show choirs and arguments over wedding plans sounds heavenly right now lol!


It won’t be all roses; you’re right, nonnie. 

But: remember this?

It goes on and on and on.

And honestly, nonnie?

Look at what NYC!Klaine was like.


Now look at what they’re saying about Season 6, and sit back and relax and enjoy the ride.  <3  It’s all good.  

(Also: I like your ideas!  Wedding plans sound heavenly.)

Of this I am sure: Kurt and Blaine won’t break up.